The Veiled Christ and the Neapolitan Baroque – Walking Tour

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This tour will consider the achievements of the Baroque art in Naples focusing on the most important works and artists of that period. This walking tour will be concentrated in the historical center of the city that, beside its Greek-Roman layout and the Veiled Christ, is an actual hidden treasure chest. The most significant examples of Baroque Architecture and Painting are the Church Gesù Nuovo, The Chapel of Sansevero, the Chapel of Saint Gennaro, the Caravaggio’s painting the Seven Works of Mercy in the Pio Monte della Misericordia.

Historical Center of Naples

The meeting point will be arranged in the historical center of Naples, at Piazza del Gesù, and your guide will start with an introduction to the historical and artistic events of the XVII century in Naples and the background in which the Baroque spread out.

You’ll see a predominantly religious rappresentation characterized by emotion, turbulance, magnificence : everything is made in the grandeur style and that’s why the Catholic Church uses the baroque art, in order to prop up their reputation and to show off their wealth.

Church Gesù Nuovo

The visit starts in the Church Gesù Nuovo: once a Palace built in 1470 and owned by the noble Sanseverino family. A century later was sold to the Jesuits order and turned into the current Church. The interior is full of golden tones, baroque decorations and work of art showing the painting skills of artists like Francesco Solimena, Luca Giodano, Massimo Stanzione.

Strolling through the old neighborhood you’ll see ancient Greek streets mixed with XVI century aristocratic Palaces until you’ll get to worldwide famous Sansevero Chapel of the Prince Raimondo of Sangro. It has been declared the most beautiful private Chapel in Europe with its statues of exquisite beauty and vibrant decorations. Among them the legendary Veiled Christ, made by Giuseppe Sammartino, placed in the center of the nave.

At the beginning desined to be a funerary monument of Sansevero family, very soon became an actual Masonic temple, according to the interests of the Prince Raimondo di Sangro that was the Grand Master of Neapolitan Masonry. Your guide will show you all the most representative symbols, and you’ll learn the recondite meaning of the statues like the Disillusion and the Modesty. The Anatomical Machines are located in the underground of the Chapel: they are the bodies of two servants whose circulation system is still intact and they show his further interest in the Science and Anatomy.

Triumph of the Baroque style is the Chapel of San Gennaro inside the Cathedral of Naples. City Patron Saint and maybe one of the most venerated throughout Christendom, his name recalls the miracle that takes place three times a year when his blood liquefies in its ampoule.The profound devotion of believers over the centuries brought to the enrichment of the Chapel with luxury items, silver relics, jewels, paintings and the mural decorations of the most important artists of the Baroque period. The opulence of this Chapel is a mirror of the Baroque ideal of grandeur.

Outside the conventional canons is the artistic genius of Caravaggio, the notable painter that spent few years in Naples, where he could develop his naturalistic and realistic vision of life, his theatrical approach to lighting coming out from the darkness and called Chiaroscuro. You’ll visit the Pio Monte della Misericordia, an old charity institution founded on 1601 that houses The Seven Works of Mercy, one of the three Neapolitan paintings of Caravaggio.

Further informations

  • If you’re based outside Naples and you need information how to get to the center of the town don’t hesitate to contact us filling out the form.
  • Lunch break during the tour
  • You may find a long line for buying the tickets of Sansevero Chapel. We highly suggest to buy the tickets online to skip the ordinary queue. Click here
  • Comfortable outfit and shoes are warmly suggested
  • Full day guided service and assistance during the tour
  • Entrance fees:
    • Sansevero: 7 euro + 2 euro for online booking
    • Pio Monte della Misericordia: 7 euro
  • Lunch

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