Pompeii Special Tour

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Pompeii Special Tour

Pompeii Special Tour starts in an area afar from the crowd. This is a 3 hours tour that includes the visit of the lesser known places of the Ancient Pompeii. Since Pompeii is worldwide famous for its width, hiring an Authorized local guide allow you to optimize your time. The focus of the visit is Roman life and its most important aspects. Professional guides know that the tour of Pompeii is a dream that comes true for many visitors that’s why our team will give you the best for an unforgettable experience.

This tour is suitable for those who have already been to Pompeii and want to see something different, but also for the visitors that for the very first time are in touch with and Ancient town and want to feel how life looked like 2000 years ago.


Walking Tour

Pompeii Special Tour starts from the Amphitheatre where you’ll have a face to face meeting with the victims perished during the devastating eruption of Vesuvius. They are now identified as Plaster casts, the original ones that are all gathered in a new installation at the entrance. The incredible state of preservation of the Houses makes possible to deeply understand how Romans were used to live.

Walking around the Ancient town your guide will show you how to recognize the signs of the daily life. You’ll have also the chance to appreciate the skills of Romans in building the roads: structurs and materials are original. Particularly intersting are the Graffiti scratched on the walls, the stepping stones for crossing the roads along with the electoral posters still there to be admired.
With more than 3 million visitors every year Pompeii is considered the best example of the Roman town and is also one of the biggest Archaeological site in the world. Get involved with the stories of your guide and start a new adventure.


● Plaster casts

● Amphitheatre

● Palestra Grande

● House of Julia Felix or

● House of the Venus in the Shell

● Abundance Road

● Thermopolia

● Thermal Baths

● Forum


At the end of the tour you can decide to spend more time on your own in Pompeii or the guide will lead you back where you met.

Further informations

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  • Confortable outfit and shoes, a hat and a bottle of water are warmly suggested
  • Your guide will deal with the tickets skipping the line but if you prefer to buy tickets online click here
  • Full day guided service and assistance during the tour
  • Skip the line
  • Entrance fees
  • Train tickets
  • Lunch
  • Transportation service

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