2 hours
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This tour includes the visit of the most popular sights of the Ancient Pompeii. You’ll meet the your guide at the entrance of the site holding a board with your name on it. The guide will deal with the tickets skipping the line and saving your time.

At the moment of the booking you can decide the appropriate length of the tour, according to your preferences and your interest. We can offer tours of 2,3 or 4 hours.

With more than 3 million visitors every year Pompeii is considered the best example of the Roman town and is also one of the biggest Archaeological site in the world: get involved with the tells of your guide and start a new adventure.



From one of the entrances you’ll get to the main square called Forum that is the core of the town. Surrounded by the temples of Apollo and that of Jupiter, civil and political buildings, this huge square hosts also a Market place where you’ll see the Plaster casts. This are the bodies of those who died asphyxiated in a long agony during the eruption of Mont Vesuvius on 79 AD.

The Baths of the Forum are the smallest public baths in Pompeii but at the same time the most elaborately decorated.

This tour includes the visit of the area dedicated to the Theatres where Pompeiians where used to perform. The Odeion, the small theatre in particular is extremely well preserved and the original decoration are still intact.

During the tour your guide will show you how to recognize the signs of the daily life of Pompeii: the Graffiti scratched on the walls, the stepping stones for crossing the roads, the electoral posters.

According to the openings the visit continues in the private houses like the House of Vettii, two successful freedmen, that is exeptionally well preserved or the House of Menander, where you can hear the echoes of the daily life and you can feel the presence of the Pompeiians in everything they left.

At the end of the tour you can decide to spend more time on your own in Pompeii or the guide will lead you back where you met.

Further informations

  • The pick up time is for guidance and it can be adapted to your preferences
  • For private transportation service fill the form at the moment of the booking
  • Lunch break during the tour
  • Confortable outfit and shoes are warmly suggested
  • Your guide will deal with the tickets skipping the line but if you prefer to buy tickets online click here 

Tour highlights

  • The Forum
  • The Plaster casts
  • The Baths
  • Private Houses
  • The Lupanare (the brothel) upon request
  • The Theatres
  • The original Graffiti

What is included

  • Full day guided service and assistance during the tour
  • Skip the line

What is extra

  • Entransce fees
  • Train tickets
  • Lunch
  • Transportation service

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 2 reviews
February 28, 2018

An incredible experience, ilaria was energetic, extremely knowledgeable, personable and fun. She had a complete understanding of Pompeii, the history, culture and people. It was money well spent!

February 28, 2018

I never write reviews, but this deserves an exception. Doing a
private tour with my small family group, some of who had never been
to Italy, was by far the right choice compared to the larger group
tours I had done before. The quality of the experience was
spectacular. It could not have been any better. Ilaria was superb in
every way. She was very friendly and a complete professional with the
passion and knowledge one can only hope to find in a guide that makes
the whole experience unforgettable. She was able to answer all our
many questions and took care of us right down to recommending a
restaurant. Antonio, our driver was wonderful as well. If you are
looking for a tour of the area, look no further and book with Ilaria.
You will be very happy you did.

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