8-9 hours
Activity Level

This excursion is dedicated to people who love the Ancient history and the Archaeological remains. Walking through the ancient paved road of Pompeii and Herculaneum, visiting the well decorated houses and admiring brightly coloured paintings will be a very suggestive experience. The excursion is combined to the visit of Mount Vesuvius, made famous because of the eruption of 79 AD and now very appreciated as National Park for its unspoiled nature

This tour is available from Naples, Sorrento and Salerno and it can be adapted to the timing of the cruise passengers.

Since the tour is challenging we suggest to spend 2 hours in Pompei, 1.5 hours in Herculaneum and 1.5 hours on Mount Vesuvius

Don’t miss the chance to hire an English speaking expert local guide  that will show you the best of the sites.



The driver will pick you at the agreed meeting point and he will head to the Archeological site of Pompeii. Once inside you’ll immediately be involved in an increddible atmosphere:  like a time machine you’ll go back in the past in an authentic Roman daily life.

You’ll cross the major artery in Pompeii flanked by Tavernas, Shops and where people spent their time for eating and drinking. A life-style not so different from ours! A must to see are the Baths, the remains of the Forum, the Theaters and the Graffiti scratched on the walls. Very emotional is the moment when you’ll see the bodies of the inhabitants of Pompeii, the so called plaster casts stuck in the last moment of their life.


The tour will go on with the second visit of Herculaneum, smaller than Pompeii but affected by the same destiny. Closer to the Mount Vesuvius, it was tragically submerged in a sea of mud that preserved a large part of  items and organic materials. At the entrance you’ll cross the ancient shoreline where people died in a effort to escape death. Going ahead, in the centre of the site you’ll find the Samnite House, the oldest home in the town the House of the Wooden Partition  that’s a significant example of the Roman house. Crossing the main street the Decumano Maximo you’ll see several Thermopolia that are commercial establishments with  very singular counters embellished with slabs of marble. A very famous house considered the symbol of Herculaneum is the House of Neptune and Amphitrite that houses a wonderful colored glass tiles mosaic that  decorates the nymphaeum.

The Women’s Baths are finely decorate with mosaic floor and they still preserve all the original elements.

Mount Vesuvius

After visiting Herculaneum it’s time to reach the Mount Vesuvius for a plaisant walk in the local landscape and wild life. You’ll get to the top of the Crater where you’ll enjoy a 360 degree view of the Bay of Naples. It’s not possible to reach the top by car that why the driver will stop in the parking area and after buying your tickets you’ll reach the entrance of the Nation Park. After 25-30 minutes walk you’ll get on the very top of the Volcano.

 Further informations

  • The pick up time is for guidance and it can be adapted to your preferences
  • For hiring a professional English speaking guide fill out the form at the moment of the booking.
  • The tour of Vesuvius and Herculaneum is not suitable for people with mobility problems,
  • Entrance fees in Pompeii 15 euro, Herculaneum 11 euro, Vesuvius 10 euro
  • Lunch break during the tour
  • Confortable outfit and shoes are warmly suggested

Tour highlights


  • The Forum
  • The Plaster casts
  • The Baths
  • Private Houses
  • The Roads
  • The Theatres
  • The original Graffiti

In Herculaneum

  • Ancient Shore
  • Skeletons
  • Thermopolium
  • House of the Wooden Partition
  • House of Samnites
  • House of  Neptune and Amphitrite
  • The Baths
  • The Decumano Maximo
  • Vesuvius

What is included

  • Tansportation service with Mercedes vehicle

What is extra

  • Entrance fees
  • Guided service
  • Lunch

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