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You’ll meet the guide at the entrance of the Archaeological Museum holding a board with your name on it.

The Archaeological Museum of Naples hosts some of Italy’s greatest treasures. In 1777, King Ferdinand I selected this building as the perfect home for the immense collection of artifacts he inherited from his grandmother Elisabetta Farnese. Discoveries from Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae were later added making this one of the finest Archaeological Museums in the world for the Greek and Roman antiquities.


The Museum is distributed over four floor: the basement holds the Egyptian collection foto with obelisks, busts, funerary statues imported in Italy during the Roman period and during the excavations in Rome and Campania region. The meandering ground floor houses the Farnese Bull foto and the Farnese Hercules foto, two among the most famous classical sculptures of Farnese collection: The mezzanine floor is dedicated to the mosaics of Pompeii like the imposing Battle of Alexander the Great and Darius of Persia once in the House of the Faun. A small room called the Secret Cabinet houses a collection of Ancient erotic paintings found in Pompeii and Herculaneum. Off limit to under 11s this collection was reopened to the public in 2000. The first floor is dedicated to the artifacts from Pompeii and the Villa dei Papyri of Herculaneum. From the Hall of Meridian is possible to visit a section dedicated to the most beautiful wall painting of Pompeii, Stabia and other small Roman towns buried by Vesuvius in AD79.

Further informations

  • The admission ticket of 12 euro can change according to exibhitions
  • If you want to buy the ticket on-line click here

Tour highlights

  • Egyptian Collection
  • Farnese  Collection
  • Secret Cabinet
  • Pompeii Mosaics
  • Villa of Papyri of Herculaneum
  • Artifacts from Pompeii
  • Frescoes from Pompeii and Stabiae

What is included

  • Guided tour led by a professional English speaking guide.

What is extra

  • Entrance fee
  • Transportation

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