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Peter Deborah T

Pompeii and Herculaneum - Walking Tour

We four Australians visited Pompeii and Herculaneum on Wednesday 5 October 2016. Our driver had arranged Ilaria as our guide - and introduced her as "the queen of guides". The accolade was well deserved. Ilaria was indeed, patient, extremely knowledgeable (no question stumped her) and passionate in her enthousiasm. Read up a little before hand, and make the most of a rare opportunity to be shown around by an expert who knows, cares and can explain in depth. Bravo Ilaria.
Vicki S

Pompeii and Herculaneum - Walking Tour

We found Ilaria by looking through reviews on TripAdvisor. And all the rave reviews were spot on! We toured Pompeii and Heraculum with Ilaria and she brought such insight into the history and the social structure and lives of the people who lived here 2000 years ago. She managed to keep us away from some of the more crowded streets/buildings and Pompeii can be VERY crowded. Worth the splurge to have a private guide to really experience this historical and fascinating site. And Ilaria is the best. Excellent English also.

Amalfi Coast the Classic Tour

We were in Naples and Sorrento, Italy, in September and had the extreme good fortune to discover Ilaria Montuori ( She spent the morning with us at Pompeii, and the afternoon along the Amalfi Coast. Ilaria is extremely knowledgeable about the area, its history, and the various local relationships that guided some of its history. She made the time in Pompeii very educational and fun, and was an expert in all that had happened in Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. She also went seriously beyond the call of duty when she spotted a flaw in our planning for the following day, with which she was not even involved. We had misunderstood the details of a boat ride and tour of Capri; Ilaria saw the mistake before we even knew we'd made it, contacted the boat captain and straightened it out, and rearranged our tour to meet our original expectations. Ilaria has

Greek temples of Paestum and the Buffalo Farm

Visited Italy on a 21 day tour of Italy, North to South, West to East, returning on Nov 1st.. We customized our small group/independent tour with Sorrento Tour Guide who arranged all tours. Of these groups, Sorrento Tour Guides was found to be OUTSTANDING. As a History buff, I look to the granular, not simply the summary overview, of historic places and events. This said, I review hard in the guide area. Thus Ilaria, who we had in Pestum, and colleagues over the next few days in Pompeii & Herculenium, were all OUTSTANDING! Rating based on Knowledgeable, Interactive Skills, Communication and Group/Client attentiveness, Sorrento Tours was EXCELLENT. All sites seen with them provided education, relaxation, great dialog and client concern for pace, tempo, slowest guest, nature calls and shopping time. . Our driver Antonio was very accommodating while providing local, driving and Italian auto input. I MOST HIGHY recommend Ilaria